Cultural Studies and Film (dokunstMETHODE)

The study of culture and film has long and complex history, going back to the beginnings of moving images. Although the cinema always belonged to the larger context of culture, film theory was often dedicated to isolating the unique qualities of film as an art form. Conversely, although cultural studies often drew on the cinema for inspiration of key concepts – e.g. the notion of the “male gaze” in the 1970s – doing cultural studies as race, class, or gender studies usually moved away from specific media or textual forms to address overarching principles affecting all realms of culture. This workshop addresses the fruitful relationship between culture and film by focusing on one specific topic: film aesthetics. Drawing on writings around questions of film style, visuality, and form we will discuss various aspects of the concept of film aesthetics and explore how it can be related to broader notions of culture.

Kursleitung: Prof. Dr. Christof Decker

Orts- und Zeitangaben: Di 13.06.2017, 18 Uhr, Leopoldstr. 13 / Haus 1 (1311)

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Basistexte zum Download:

Bordwell, David: „The way movies look: The significance of stylistic history.“

Bordwell, David: „Redefining mise en scène.“

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